Changes to IsatPhone Emergency Plan

August 25, 2010

Vizada’s Isatphone Emergency Plan, with 60 minutes of airtime included, now costs $345 per year and includes 60 minutes of airtime.  This is still a good deal for users who need a “standby” satphone with minimal usage.  The per-minute rate beyond the 60 minutes in the package is very affordable.

IsatPhone from Inmarsat is available through HumaniNet for $650.   There are also standard plan and prepaid options.

The Isatphone weighs just 9.8 ounces (279g), has integrated GPS, and allows easy text messaging.   Coverage is worldwide, but prepaid service is not available in North America.    Click here for specs and details.

You can read about our testing of the IsatPhone at the HumaniNet Web site.

Email us at if you would like more information.