Satphone and BGAN users: please read this

February 1, 2013

To our field partners: Vizada is now known as Astrium.  Vizada was recently purchased by Astrium, a European company.   There is a new email address for Customer Care, but otherwise there are no significant changes.  The same team in Rockville, Maryland will be there to assist you.

And two brief reminders:

First, we sometimes learn that a BGAN user has not updated firmware or Launchpad in more than a year.   This will cause problems, especially for those of  you in remote jungle or island regions who can’t get the updates easily.

Second, if you haven’t used your satphone or BGAN in a while, please test it – please.  No excuses.  Relief teams shouldn’t wait for the next disaster, when you’ll have your hands full with a hundred other tasks.  Be sure you have your power cord, accessories, spare batteries, DC vehicle chargers, etc. etc.

You’ll be glad you did!